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Adriana's work has led her to form partnerships that tap into the $1.7 trillion in spending power of U.S. Latinos.  She has been recognized by prominent organizations and media outlets for her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to sustainable initiatives.

Adriana Pavon is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in apparel production, innovation, special event production, circular economies and socially responsible practices. As the owner of a travel agency, apparel manufacturer, and a special events company, her focus is on fostering collaborations in ecological and sustainable projects with individuals and companies committed to social responsibility. 



Excited to be working on projects that champion ethical brands, anthropological textiles, technology, innovation, education, and humanity in fashion. Let's shape a sustainable and diverse future for the industry!

#BusinessConsultant #SustainableFashion  #Innovation #LatinoBusiness

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